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when mead meets beer...

Honey and Grains are the principal ingredients of this primeval beveragee known a braggot, bracket, or bragawd.
it comes from an era befoere agriculture when people didn't have enough grains to make pure beer or enough honey to make pure mead, so they were combining multiple sources of fermentable materials. Read more about the history

Our braggot

the most distictive ingredient of our braggot is our organic honey made by our bees here in delta, bc accompanied only by local grains. We generally combine light honeys with light malts and dark honeys with dark malts, so that they do not overpower each other. Read more about our honey

in it you can taste the nectars of the flowers in the lower mainland: from the sweet maple to the fruity berries all the way till the bold flavours of the summer nectars. It is a unique product of the land and of the season. We currently serve the vintage of 2021 amd 2022.

Our Varieties

We regularly propose 3 varieties: Golden, Amber and Dark
the art of braggot brewing is to combine the right kind of grains with the right kind of honey, simply put: light honeys with light malts and dark honeys with dark malts


This Braggot is made by combining local ight malts with golden wildflower honey. the bready flavours of the maltcomplement the floral notes of spring nectarssuc as cherry, maple and strawberry.


This organic braggot is made by combining local amber malts with amber honeys. The caramel flavours fo the malts complement the fruity notes of the late spring and sumer nectars such as blueberry and blackberry


This organic braggot is made by combining local toasted malts with dark honeys. The smokey flavours if the malts complement the chocolaty notes of late summer nectars such as himalayan balsam.

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